2 Home Crafted Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

I love the idea of a homemade costume in the age of store bought, often cheesy looking costumes. The top benefit to a homemade costume is no one will have an exact copy of your costume. In the world of kids, that means no one is “copying them”. For the parent, you get to enjoy seeing your hard work walking around trick-or-treating. And believe me, people notice. My daughter’s costume last year [Woodland Fairy] was a hit everywhere we went, even though it was only partially homemade.

Forgive the blurry images! I was not planning on blogging this so these are just regular captured unplanned images. Real life. Plus taking pictures of a toddler is often go with the flow and hope you grab a good image, which is usually not the case.

Woodland Fairy

For the Woodland Fairy costume, I had purchased the dress on clearance from Pottery Barn Kids at the end of the summer for about $15. I could not find wings to match the beautiful dress so decided my hand at making my own.

The wings were purchased from the dollar store. I ripped the outer part of the wings off until I was just left with the frame. Then I took clear contact paper cut a little bigger than the wing. Pressed some flowers, leaves, and sequins from the craft store onto the contact paper – making sure to match both wings. Next, I covered over with another piece of contact paper cut to fit just inside the wing. Then, I took twine and hot glued rows until it completely covered the outer edge of the wing – sealing the seams of the contact paper. Finally, I took felt and covered in between the wings, tied some paper flowers around, and then finished off with another piece of felt covering the ends of the paper flowers. Lastly, I added a butterfly on the outside for aesthetics. Wings done. The wings took about 2 hours because the contact paper, cutting, and matching the wings takes some patience. As you can see, they came out beautiful though.

For the headband, I purchased everything from Sunshine Shoppe Supply, and followed their blog video for making an adjustable headband. The headband took about 10 minutes in total to make and looks super cute.

Plus side to this costume, Ava plays in it regularly. Making something that can be something to dress up in makes the effort even more worth it!

Deer Headband

Deer in headlights

Months ago I had asked Ava what she wanted to be for Halloween this year. She responded with a deer. I found ideas for the costume on Pinterest. While in the craft store getting the supplies, she informed me that she wanted to be Princess Belle. I bought the supplies anyway thinking maybe she would change her mind again. She didn’t. I went and forked out the money for a Disney store dress. A day later, I found my teenage niece needed a costume, so I offered to make her the deer costume. Hence the picture of Ava in the deer headband minus an actual costume. But they came out super cute. My niece plans to wear them with a brown shirt, jeans, and brown Uggs. She also intends to follow a tutorial on Pinterest for makeup.

All of the supplies were from Michael’s. For the antlers, I bought a large sparkly branch from the fake flower section. For the ears, I cut large triangles with a long piece to wrap around the headband. I gathered the ends of the triangle and sewed giving a rounded ear and than glued a piece of white fur in the middle. All of the pieces were hot glued onto the headband, including the antlers. I also added string tied to the bottom of the antler and wrapped it around the headband to anchor it well. For the tail, I found a printable pdf online for the pattern and hand sewed it. All in all, the deer costume took me about 2 hours to complete for the headband and tail.


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