5 Tips for using empty spice jars


To begin, I generally am a person who throws everything out. Literally EVERYTHING. It’s a problem. Occasionally, I will be looking for something and than realize it was something I threw away on my last purge. Because it has happened so often, I am really trying to get better with how I decide on what to get rid of and what stays. One of the ways I learned how to keep certain things, is by finding a way to organize them better. If it is organized, than I have less of an urge to throw it away. With that said, keeping jars is an idea I got from my mom.

Jars are so useful. For example, old honey and jam jars, I will use to put my fresh pressed juice in. So glass items with screw on lids, I think twice before I recycle them. Which brought me to start hoarding empty spice jars. I realized there are so many great uses for them.

Before you reuse your spice jars, let them soak with some hot water and a little white vinegar to remove any smell of the last item stored in it.

Here are some ways I am currently reusing my glass spice jars….

  1. Fill them with items you need to sprinkle. If you are making my babycinno recipe found here, you may want to add some cocoa powder to the top. Since cocoa powder comes in a container you aren’t able to sprinkle it. And if you were to use a spoon it will just plop all over. So instead, put it in a spice jar and voila you are able to sprinkle it over the top of your heart’s desire.
  2. Store toothpicks. This is a great way to store toothpicks. It also makes it easy to just shake a toothpick out while cooking. The trick here is using a container that has the right size holes for the toothpick to shake through. I used a jar that was Frontier brand.
  3. Store corn-on-the-cob holders. Corn-on-the-cob holders are one of those things that are often tossed in a drawer, and then when you want to use them you are searching through the drawer trying to get them all out. Ugh. I always hated that. But now, they are kept nicely in my empty spice jar. When I need them, I can just pull the jar out. So much more organized!
  4. Store birthday candles. Birthday candles usually come in a box that you have to rip open. Then once you rip the box open, you usually only use a few and then you are left with random candles that end up scattered in a junk drawer. This drives me nuts. In my case, I would end up throwing them away. But not anymore! Now I keep them neatly in my little spice jar. And they are pretty too!
  5. Refill them with loose spices. This one is probably the most obvious way to reuse your spice jar. It is also a great way to save money on spices. Organic spices can be kind of pricey. One thing I have learned, is Whole Foods offers loose spices that are organic for a very reasonable price. I recently picked up some organic curry and filled half of my jar, as shown in the picture, for $1.34. Unbelievable right?! Curry powder usually costs $5 and up for a small container. So now, I make a list of spices I am starting to run out of, and when I make a trip to Whole Foods, I grab the loose spices and bring them home and refill my jar.

I hope you find my tips to be useful. Please share below any other ideas you may have for using empty spice jars!




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