About Me

Harold, Ava, and me

Harold, Ava, and me

Hello, I’m Fleurs and Pearls, AKA, Raquel. I’m so thankful you are reading my blog! Below is a Q & A so you can learn more about me.

Q: Tell me about yourself?

A: Well, my name is Raquel. I am 30 years old. I am married to a wonderful man named Harold. Together we have a daughter named Ava who is almost 3, and a Maltese named Pearl who is 7 years old. We are expecting our second child the end of March 2018. It’s a boy! My husband, Harold and I are the same age. We actually met in second grade and dated in middle school (I even have our love notes we used to pass back and forth in class). We came back together when we were 21 and have been together ever since. We were married in a beautiful ceremony at sunset on the beach at Sandals Antigua in 2014.

Pearl is super sassy. I call Ava and Pearl ‘the cahooters’ because they get into trouble together (they are in cahoots). They are too cute! My family is my world! I kiss Ava about a million times a day! I love love love her and love being a parent!!

Right now I am a stay-at-home Mom. Aside from that, I have my associate’s degree in Business Administration, and am currently taking online classes with Southern New Hampshire University to finish my bachelor’s degree.

Q: Why do you have this blog?

A: To be inspired by life. To inspire others. To be a better person, and hopefully grow and evolve.


Sunset Wedding in Antigua

In addition, I have been a blog reader for years, and so I always wanted to have my own blog, so I finally got up the courage to put my thoughts and ideas out there. I am a pretty private person so its kind of scary waters to be delving into. The thing is, I have had the calling for some time, so I am finally doing it without looking back.

Q: What are your goals?

A: I hope to become a better writer and photographer. These are things I have always been interested in, so by having this outlet I hope to improve. I think with writing and photography you need to have a strong voice in order for people to be compelled to want to look at your blog. Finding my voice is something I think will come in time, as I gain more experience. I am just starting out, after all.

I also want to get better at creating and recording gluten free recipes, which is the diet Ava and I follow. My current recipe catalog is an exploding folder of printouts and torn pieces of paper of random recipes written down. My blog will be a great way to log my recipes in a more organized manner.

Q: How would you describe yourself?

A: Perfectly imperfect.

I have so many ideas and thoughts and passions. I really think my blog will help me to focus those ideas and thoughts.

I am most passionate about being healthy (mind, body and soul) and using healthy products and foods for myself and my family. The reason why is, when you feel good, you are more capable to take on the world and achieve your goals.