Fall Festivities: Apple and Pumpking Picking

There is something so innocent and sweet when looking at a child in nature. Maybe because it’s natural. The way it SHOULD be.

The sounds of the birds chirping, the late fall grass crunching under my feet, and the sound of her little voice giggling as she finds a perfect apple, fills my soul. No worries here.

The biggest problem is deciding on the perfect pumpkin.

There is nothing better than apple and pumpkin picking for the first time with a sweet little baby.

apple1 apple2 apple3 apple4 apple5 apple6 pumpkin pumpkin2 pumpkin3 pumpkin5 pumpkin6 pumpkin7 pumpkin8 pumpkin9



  1. Auntie Bee 💟 says:

    Hi Raquel, Your blog and pics are pure JOY. Your writing style is so PURE,and REAL.,A Sincere Breath of Fresh Air………💟💟💟. More Pleeese…….💟

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