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Hello! If you have viewed my vlog, this is a summary and affiliate links for some of my Mommy To-Be Arsenal! If you are reading this blog because you are pregnant, congratulations! If you are reading this because someone in your life has been blessed with pregnancy, these products are a great way to help the mama to-be along in her journey of creating life!

Being in my second pregnancy, I have experienced what products are necessary and work to help our baby making bodies!

  1. Earth Mama Angel Baby – A Little Something for Mama-To-Be Link:
    • This set includes: Earth Mama Body Butter, Body Wash, Morning Wellness Spray, and Natural Stretch Oil, and Morning Wellness Tea. This set is a great sampler of the products.
    • The Morning Wellness Spray is a must for morning sickness. It has a citrusy gingery delicious scent that is so uplifting and helps settle nausea. This product is a must for me!
    • Happy Mama Body Wash has a similar smell to the morning spray. It feels luxurious over your skin, and leaves you smelling fresh. This is my go-to body wash even after having the baby! Link for full-size bottle
    • Natural Stretch Oil helped me prevent those unwanted stretchmarks with my first pregnancy, and is now helping me along in my second pregnancy. It offers hydration to the skin and helps it to stretch. Of course, lifestyle, diet, genetics and hydration all play a role in whether a mommy gets stretchmarks. If you are gaining weight at a slow rate, as recommended by your OB, then this product will definitely aid in your skin’s ability to stretch. Link for full-size bottle
    1. Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow Link:
    • The Snoogle pregnancy pillow in a C-shaped pillow that has helped me to get a decent night’s sleep. It gives some support to your body and you twist and turn it to help you.
    • I highly recommend the Jersey Cover Link. The reason why is, the cover the pillow comes with is tough to get on and off and is not super soft. The Jersey cover has a zipper for easy washing and is super soft and cozy.
    1. What to Expect When You’re Expecting – BOOK.
    • This book is an excellent pregnancy reference guide. It provides a week by week description of your baby’s growth and development, along with pictures of what the baby looks like monthly. In addition, it provides tons of information about pregnancy, offering many answers to questions that pregnant mom’s may have.
    • Here is a Link for the one I have. And a Link for the updated version from 2016.


    I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do. I could not get through my pregnancy without them!

    Is this your first pregnancy? Do you have any product recommendations?



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  1. Evelin Devilliers says:

    No matter what your natural sleep position tendencies are, as your baby begins to grow you will most likely find yourself having to adjust your comfort to accommodate your changing body. Most women find that a side sleeping position becomes the easiest, and most comfortable, position to rest within- and most pregnancy pillows are constructed to help you rest in such a manner.

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