My Husband’s Annual Forecast Ornaments


This all began because I love ornaments. For Harold and my first Christmas together, he asked me what I wanted for Christmas. My reply was, “A meaningful ornament. If you do not get me a meaningful ornament, you may as well have not gotten me anything at all.”

To me, a meaningful Christmas ornament says you care. And that’s really the point of a Christmas gift, right?

That first Christmas, Harold really delivered. He gave me a beautiful Angel with a decorative box. I cried. It was better than I could have imagined. After several Christmases together, we decided the only thing we would exchange were ornaments, because we felt as adults we rather go and buy things we like ourselves. So our Christmas tradition is, Harold and I only give each other a Christmas ornament. I received several years worth of lovely ornaments I absolutely loved. Then something changed. I believe it started with him shopping for an ornament the day before Christmas. Left without many options, he got creative. A little too creative. Which brings us to my first forecast ornament. The bride and groom.


1. The Bride and Groom 2013 – I opened the box, ripped out tissue paper and saw a bride and groom ornament. I immediately got butterflies in my stomach and my heart started racing. I thought, “This is it he’s finally proposing to me! Oh my gosh. The ring! Where’s the ring?! Is it in his pocket? No. The tree. Definitely the tree. This was probably his fail safe plan; expecting me to see the ring on the tree and he was going to propose but just in case I didn’t see it on the tree he gave me a bride and groom ornament. Hmmm. I don’t see it on the tree. Where the hell is it?”

After scanning the tree and not seeing it, my eyes came back to him. I smiled at him. Told him ‘I love you,’ and waited for another moment. He sat smiling at me very sweetly. Nothing. He just sat there.

So I asked him, “Why the bride and groom?”

He said, “Because we want to get married this year.”

My excitement immediately turned into heartbreak followed by anger. Why would he do this to me? Was he expecting for me to get upset? Was that the idea? I mean what else would someone think receiving a bride and groom ornament? What a jerk!

I excused myself and went and cried in the shower for 45 minutes. After the emotional breakdown, I tried to understand his thinking. I could not. So, I went out and asked him. At this point, I was laughing about it because it was completely irrational to give someone a gift like this.

I could tell he felt a little bad. And I mean a little bit bad.

He told me it was his goal for the new year. So I told him it would be best if he followed through with his goal or this gift would be even meaner than it currently was.

Luckily he did. He proposed to me on 4th of July 2013, on the playground where we met in elementary school when we were 7 years old.

Unlucky for me, this began an ornament tradition that has become known as Harold’s Forecast Ornament. It’s his forecast or goal for the following year.


2. The Pregnant Kangaroo 2014 – It was once again Christmas morning, I opened my Christmas ornament from Harold. Its’ absolutely ugly. This time I was not being nice. I said, “What the hell is this?” He laughed at me. Harold gets a kick out my sassy responses, luckily for me.

He simply stated, “You want a baby in your pouch this year.”

“Really, Harold!,” I exclaimed. “This ornament looks like an absolute mess. Her hair is all crazy and messy. You could have at least gotten something a little more chic looking. I’m not hanging this on the tree. It’s embarrassing.”

Well that mommy kangaroo ornament has been on my tree every year. And I did get my baby. My little beauty queen Ava Marie. So maybe the ornament was not so bad after all.


3. Our First Home 2015 – To be honest, on this Christmas, I don’t know that he even wrapped the ornament. I’m pretty sure it was just wrapped in tissue paper. Whatever.

I opened the ornament, and it is Our First Home ornament. I was not shocked at the forecast ornament. At this point, I expected it. But we had a hard year, for many reasons I do not care to go into, so 100% believing we were going to really buy a house was fleeing. In the moment, I absolutely did not believe his forecast ornament would manifest. I told him nice try but I thought his forecast ornament magic had run dry.

For starters, we did not even know where we wanted to buy a house. We had considered relocating out of state. Everything felt overwhelming and like we did not have a real direction. Eventually, at so some point things settled down, and we did buy a house. We purchased a HOME. A lovely quaint little home.

So once again, Harold’s forecast ornament rang true.

His corky ornament tradition has become the topic of many family conversations. One thing the forecast ornaments has shown me is how much can change in one year. We went from being boyfriend and girlfriend to engaged. Next, we got married and then about a month after found out we were having our first child. Finally, we went from feeling like space cadets floating in the abyss to purchasing and renovating our first home ( I have named our home, Le Petit Chateau). The forecast ornaments have become little rays of hope for the next year to come.

I wonder what will be the forecast for this year……

Do you have any strange holiday traditions? Leave a comment and let me know!




  1. Linda says:

    What a beautiful and touching story and tradition Raquel. I absolutely love all of the ornaments and the stories behind them! I even love the pregnant kangaroo, I think it’s adorable! I didn’t know that Harold proposed to you on the school playground! How sweet! I love yous all so much. I can’t wait to see Harolds forecast ornament for this year.🎁🎄😘😘😘

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