Small Bathroom Remodel

When my husband and I recently purchased our first home, which is a foreclosure, we thought we were buying a move in ready home. Visually there were some things we wanted to change, to make it our taste, but figured it would all happen with time. Overall, the home seemed to be in good shape. We planned on only painting and removing a wood burning stove prior to moving in. Simple. Or so it seemed.

Because we purchased a beach bungalow, its rather small. Thank GOD! You will see why in a moment…

I decided because we were doing so little work to the house, it would be no big deal to redo the bathroom floor. It was more for sanitary reasons. As I was trying to clean the floor, I realized it was totally gross. So my husband handed me the tools to rip it up, showed me how to do it, and away I went. Once I came up to the wall, I realized a huge problem; black mold! My blood ran cold. This could not be happening. I went crazy and started ripping the wall. The more wall I ripped off, the more mold I saw. We needed to remediate immediately.

We ended up needing to gut and redo the entire bathroom. The mold was caused by two problems in the bathroom. The first was from the bath fitter shower. The wall seam where the bath fitter shower came together from the two pieces was not properly sealed. When the shower was on, the water was hitting the seam, running along the end, coming out of the shower and than going into the wall creating mold. The second cause was a leak in the plumbing from the toilet inside the wall.

So although it was very upsetting to find, I feel blessed we found it prior to moving in, and not exposing ourselves (especially our precious daughter) to the toxic stuff. Additionally, I am happy we followed our plan to buy a small home, because that means a smaller renovation budget.

Here is my BEFORE picture of the bathroom. As you can see, the dark purple walls make it look like a cave.

Bathroom BEFORE remodel. Look at the seam where the water was running across creating the mold.


Here is my AFTER pictures. Light and bright is the way to go, in order to make the bathroom feel more spacious.


-The tiles, toilet, and vanity are off the shelf from Home Depot.

-The faucets and toilet paper and hand towel bar are from Lowes.

-The tub was ordered from Amazon. It is an American Standard soaking tub, which I highly recommend (I am a bath taker)! Click here for link

-And Harold added another light in the shower and put in a new vanity light fixture.

-The porcelain recessed shelves are from

-The shower curtain is Heritage Lace Downton Abbey Yorkshire Shower Curtain from Amazon. (click for link)

Additionally, my amazing husband installed the entire bathroom which helped keep costs down. I am very lucky to have such a handy husband! Kisses to my handsome husband for doing such an amazing job!

Stay tuned for my KITCHEN REMODEL (we had a similar problem).

Have you had to remodel a bathroom? Share your thoughts with me and my readers below!




  1. Auntie Bee 💟 says:

    Enjoyed reading about yours and Harold’s bathroom remodel……. Remodeling always comes with a few surprises,and the way you handled everything created a Stunning outcome. Keep us posted…..💟

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